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Test Prep


Online Test Prep and Study Help for k-12 Students

How a friendly & erudite tutor can help you in your test preparation

A professional tutor who is knowledgeable & experienced can help improve your grades and at the same time make you mentally stronger. If you are looking for test preparation tutors, you can count on Tutoring Services, LLC, to provide you with erudite teachers with remarkable communication abilities & teaching skills. In order to pass competitive exams, it is vital to seek help of qualified & experienced mentors who can provide you with the right guidance.

Irrespective of the fact whether you are academically strong or weak, our academic tutors can immensely add to your knowledge bank and assist you with test prep for your elementary, middle school or high school exam or even college level material.



We offer Local Services and National Test Prep services

For Local Tutoring Services

We offer eductional test prep help for Bergen County NJ, Fairfield county CT and Westchester County NY, including major cities of Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, White Plains and New Rochelle NY as well as online and in person in many other areas around US.

Are you a student Residing in CT, NY or NJ and looking for a Physics, Chemistry, or Biology Tutor?

View reliable in home NY science tutors specializing in Biology, Chemistry, Physics Test prep and academic subjects tutoring service New York area of Brooklyn, Nassau, Woodmere, Lynbrook and other areas of NY and other regions.  For any other local home k-12 tutors in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens area click here..


National Test Prep Help for USA and Canada

Math and Science Test Preparation Services for Certification Exams

Our math and science teachers are trained specifically to help young students in their mathematics test preparation studies for tests such as Praxis 2, ACT, GRE, GMAT. You can find affordable math test prep teachers for all types of exams including midterm and final school exams, certified examinations such as SAT or other competitive tests. Our web portal full of online tutoring experts also enables you to get educated right from the comforts of your home by a teacher of your choice. This saves a lot of time which can be crucial during exam times. But the best feature of our online services is that you can get immediate help as and when you require.

The teachers are always accessible and you can ask them to clarify your doubts or queries with only a few clicks of your mouse.   We prepare students in geometry, algebra, physics, chemistry, biology, calculus and other academic subjects.  Study smart by finding your affordable math test prep teachers today.

Supplementary Study Resources In addition to Tutoring


Standardized College Entrance Test such as SAT

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test Learning Guides


Business School GMAT test prep Resourcs


GRE Test Prep Study Resources


Law School Test Prep Entrance Exam


Medical School Exam Test Prep



Prepare for Graduate School with more then just a tutor

Studying for your college admission exam doesn't have to be hard, leverage test preparation resources taht we list on our sister studyguide.net site to view best study materials for your graduate school est preparation studies.


Learn how to study for Reading and Writing and entrance Exams

Our teachers have expertise and are highly competent. We can provide you with expert tutors of any subject including English, Mathematics and Science. If you are a school or college student, they can help you solve your daily homework and also prepare you for your periodic examinations. If you are planning to sit for high-level entrance exams or certificate exams, our dexterous team of tutors can help you with your english test preparation goal in an exam-oriented manner to help you fetch high grades & ranks.


We help Elementary, Middle, and High School level  students get into private school

By helping them prepare for the followiing private exams with the help of more then just  tutors.

View Private School Exam study guides

private school exams

ISEE Upper/Middle/Lower Level Exams

ISEE exam study guides

SSAT Upper level exams


We also have study guide materials from the cheapest book stores and online test preparation vendors specializing in helping students do better on their exam, be sure to check out Private School Exam Placement section of our sister site for more details to view study guides, practice questions, exam secrets, flash cards, and many other test preparation resources as a supplementary means of studying in addition to local or online tutoring.


Online Study Guides and Placement Exam Preparation for College Students

Regardless of whether you are appearing for technology-related exams,teaching certification exam or medical field tests or business-related certified exams, we can provide you with reputed, skilled & friendly tutors who will help you with your online examp prep studies  quest on a highly interactive one-to-one basis.  Simply search for your local tutor from our home page to find your test preparation tutor for any of your college placement exams.

Our college placement exam tutors specialize in math, reading, writing and other subjects. 


However did you know that you can gain highest level of learning effectiviness and increase your chances of getting better score by hiring both local tutor and preparing with for your exam with practice questions and variety types of study guides?

Our company specializes in Helping College Students find Affordable Study Materials for


other Academic placement exams

ACCUPLACER standardized test for academic placement

accuplacer exam

CLEP exams and other types of exams

clep test

   We also offer study guides from the most affordable study test prep vendors, where we describe variety of study guide products for college students to consider leveraging as additional supplementary test preparation resources when preparing for their placement exams, be sure to check them out.  Studying from these study guides can save you a lot of money and is recommended to be the first step when it comes to preparing for rigorous test preparation subject.


We also have local & online Teacher Test Prep types of Tutors

If you are in the process of obtaining your teaching certification look no further, consider browsing our teacher certification test preparation tutors, who can help you prepare for your initial, secondary, or primary level type of certification.  Whether it's in elementary, middle, or high school grade level.  Our instructors can come directly to your home and offer you tutoring services for your teaching certification exam.  Exams that our tutors can help students prepare for include, Praxis, CSET, TeXES, FTCE,MTEL, NYSTCE, NES, MTTC.

Additionally we offer variety types of teacher certification study guides in the form of flash cardds, exam secrets, practice questions, ebooks, video courses and much more.  Feel Free to browse teacher certification exams and their details and study guides on our sister site StudyGuide.NET

Teaching Certification Exams


Praxis 1 Core Academic Skills Math and English Exam

praxis 1 math

Praxis 2 Subjects ETS exams

Praxis II


CSET California Teacher Prep


NES National Teacher Test Prep


                                                   Texas Master Exams


FTCE Florida Teacher Exam Prep


Oklohoma Subject Area Tests


Click here for full list of teaching certification exams


Online Training | Study Guides | Practice Questions for PMP/Agile/SCRUM/Sigma Test

PMP Certification 

Additionally our company specializes in providing students with PMP and Agile Project Management Training view our Study Guides site for PMP certification exam resources for Project Managers.  Our company helps local CT | NY and NJ students also with test preparation for Project Management subjects by match making students with local home tutors who can come directly to students' homes to teach PMP subject, alternatively students can view our collection and variety types of practice questions in PMP exam or project management teaching certification study guides.

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