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1 Teacher(s) in Putnam CT US

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State: CT
County: Windham
City: Putnam
Zip: 06260
Category Subject Grade/Skill Level Experience
English Reading Skills College 3 Yr(s)
Creative & Performance Arts Music - 6 Yr(s)
  - Piano Intermediate 1 Yr(s)
Foreign Languages Spanish Advanced 3 Yr(s)
Social Science History College 1 Yr(s)
Science Physics High School 1 Yr(s)
Science Earth Science High School 1 Yr(s)
Science Chemistry High School 2 Yr(s)
Science Biology High School 1 Yr(s)
Math Trigonometry High School 4 Yr(s)
Math Honors Algebra High School 5 Yr(s)
Math Geometry High School 5 Yr(s)
Math Calculus College 2 Yr(s)
Math Basic Math High School 7 Yr(s)
Math Algebra High School 6 Yr(s)
English Writing Skills College 3 Yr(s)

Personal Statement :
Every tutor should have a passion for the subject and teaching. I love both of these. I am always looking for a chance to learn, and someone to share what I learn with. I feel very proficient with the subjects I chose. I have passed college courses in English, History, and Calculus II, and also received a perfect score on my Calculus I final examination. For music my main instrument is trumpet.
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