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State: IL
County: Cook
City: Evanston
Zip: 60201
Category Subject Grade/Skill Level Experience
Math Trigonometry College 10 Yr(s)
Math Statistics College 10 Yr(s)
Math Honors Algebra College 10 Yr(s)
Math Geometry College 10 Yr(s)
Math Calculus College 10 Yr(s)
Math Business Math College 10 Yr(s)
Math Basic Math College 10 Yr(s)
Math Algebra College 10 Yr(s)

Personal Statement :
Currently, I am looking for a full time teaching position. Unt then, I continue to work for Chicago Public Schools as a substitute teacher. I also have three years of experience as a financial analyst at Discover Financial and three years of experience as a realtor/salesperson at Century 21. What a Journey! I have always found math to be interesting throughout my life, and it all started early on by tutoring my peers. Now, I continue teaching it by profession. In college, at Indiana University of Bloomington, I assisted math professors by proctoring exams, grading homework/quizzes, and helped students in tutorial centers. More recently, in *, I worked at Township High School for AVID, where I facitated student group stations. Here, I modeled critical inquiry, higher level thinking, and collaborative problem solving, with the goal of developing students' skls for success in college. By doing so, I learned to engage students in ways that wl encourage them to share their knowledge and ideas with others by experimenting intellectually. Currently, I substitute teach in various Chicago Public Schools ranging from elementary to high school including special needs students. I have gained valuable information thus far on students' motivation from varied ages, subjects, and grade levels. ACT Testing is also a specialty of mine. During my role at ETHS, I worked with juniors on ACT Math/Science Test Prep. I energetically debated the finer points of Math/Science. I stl continue to assist students in this area, as I prepare them to use specific strategies that really work. I believe in rigor, hard work, and discipline. However, I also realize that everyone has a different way of learning, such as kinetically, visually, or auditory. Also, one person might excel by attending lectures and doing a few practice problems before an exam whe another person must rely heavy on problem sets to learn the material. No matter what though, If your chd wants to succeed in math then I am ready to help.
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