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By registering with Tutoringservices.com you undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions of use:

1.    Use of and registration with Tutoringservices.com is confined to bona fide students and tutors and may not be used for any other purpose, including commercial uses.
2.    Users may not post content that is false, libelous, offensive or otherwise injurious or damaging to any party associated with Tutoringservices.com, including staff, tutors and other students.
3.    The responsibility for choosing a tutor from the Tutoringservices.com database, and any consequences arising from that choice, lies with the users. In this respect, the role of Tutoringservices.com is to facilitate and provide information and accessibility of tutoring assistance.
4.    Users under the age of 18 may not enter into legal contracts with tutors. Minors require the assistance of a parent, guardian or other appropriate adult.
5.    Negotiating tutoring terms and the scope of tutoring assistance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved (tutor and student or parent/guardian).
6.    Tutoring services.com is not responsible for vetting or verifying the academic or personal credentials of tutors.
7.    Course content (where applicable) is the responsibility of tutors and materials developers.
8.    Tutoringservices.com does not set or process payments and fees. Rates and methods of remuneration must be negotiated by the contracting parties (tutor and student or parent/guardian).
9.    While Tutoringservices.com makes every effort to maintain security, it is not liable for any harm caused by viruses, worms introduced to the site by third parties.
10.    Users may not export information from the Tutoringservices.com website for any purpose other than personal, educational use.
11.    Users agree to the secure storage by Tutoringservices.com of any personal information contained in their profile and personal account.
12.    User accounts are not transferable and users are responsible for maintaining the security of their account (by protecting passwords and limiting access by other parties).
13.     Tutoringservices.com retains the right to suspend the account and access of any person who transgresses the terms and conditions of use.
14.    Registrants grant Tutoringservices.com the right to contact them if circumstances dictate.

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