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Carefully review Tutor Profile

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Discuss Requirements Availability, Discounts, Hourly Rate or any other requirements

Communicate  with tutor using our internal messanger. Do not reveal your personal contact info, until you are ready.

When Ready to proceed with the tutor hit I am Ready

Step 3

Schedule Lesson

Specify best, date and time, for the lesson, where lesson will take place,

Your scheduled date request will be emailed to tutor for approval, once tutor approves, you will be notified and can pay $15.

Step 4.

Pay $15 for first Trial Lesson

Log back into your profile, pay $15 using PayPal.

You will receive tutor personal contact info and tutor will receive your personal contact info.

Step 5

Work Direct

Reach out to tutor however you like, phone skype, facetime. 

After getting your first Trial Lesson after 7 days you will be reminded automatically to provide review & rating for your tutor.

How  $15 Trial Works?

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