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Safety Advice


Tutoring Services Is a Matchmaking Site

Tutoring Services’ primary goal is to provide a safe virtual meeting place for educators and students. At TutoringServices.com, students and parents can contact potential tutors at no cost. And educators can advertise their services, free of charge. They can also meet and share ideas with other academics.

Although Tutoring Services conducts tutor interviews and collects the teaching credentials, references, and résumés of registered tutors, our agency does not verify the tutor’s work history or perform a criminal background check.

Therefore, as a parent or adult student, be sure to exercise caution when selecting a tutor:

  • If tutoring sessions occur in your home, assure that at least one parent or other responsible adult is present. Alternatively, meet in a public place, such as a library or coffee shop.

  • Does the tutor behave normally? Does he or she seem competent? Given the tutor’s abilities, do you believe his or her online profile is accurate? If you have any misgivings regarding a tutor, contact Tutoring Services immediately.

  • Also, make certain that you and the tutor agree upon the terms and conditions of payment beforehand. When and how will payment be made? What is the exact rate of pay? How long will tutoring sessions last? Before your first meeting, know the answers to these and any other pertinent questions.

Our Site Is Free to Parents and Students

Because Tutoring Services is a matchmaking enterprise rather than a tutoring agency, our administrative costs are low. Unlike an agency, we don’t charge students and/or parents an introduction fee, and we don’t demand a commission for each session. Instead, clients pay tutors directly, and tutors (guess what!) also pay nothing.

So, if you feel up to the task of assessing a tutor on your own, hire one directly through our online service. Many experienced and well-qualified tutors prefer a direct arrangement with clients over working for an agency.

What if I receive weird emails?

If you receive strange emails like the ones at this link, they aren’t from a real tutor. Avoid opening mail from these addresses and delete them immediately. As soon as we detect the offenders, we’ll remove them from our site. We’ll also post their addresses and phony conversations at this link. Meanwhile, exercise judgment when responding to email. If it sounds bizarre, it probably is.

What if I have a complaint about a tutor?

Tutoring Services does not negotiate disputes between tutors and their clients, and we can’t control interaction between students and tutors during tutoring sessions. However, if a tutor exhibits dangerous or inappropriate behavior, please contact us immediately and provide us with specific details. Upon further investigation, we may opt to delete the tutor’s profile or suspend his or her site privileges.

Should We Use a Written Contract?

Tutoring Services recommends that tutors engage in a written rather than a verbal contract with clients. Through a written contract, the tutor and the tutee can negotiate and clarify their expectations. If your tutor doesn’t use a written contract, suggest that he or she do so.

Whether your contract is written or verbal, it’s between you and the tutor—not Tutoring Services. For more information regarding how we operate, see our site’s “Terms and Conditions of Use.”

Safety Advice for Parents

Although most private tutors are reputable, parents should be cautious when hiring a private tutor directly:

  • Ask lots of questions before making a commitment, and listen to the answers carefully for inconsistencies.

  • Tutors who are employed by a school system or some other agency are probably required to pass a Criminal Records Bureau background check. If a tutor has indicated that he or she has a CRB disclosure certificate, ask to see it at the first tutoring session. Of course, many outstanding tutors don’t hold CRB certificates, as they are not a legal requirement for tutoring.

  • Ask to see the tutor’s credentials, such as his or her teaching certificate or diploma. You may even follow up by contacting the relevant agency or institution.

  • Ask for references, and call or email them before you decide to hire.

  • If you do hire the tutor, make sure you or another responsible adult is present at tutoring sessions, either in the same room or nearby with the door open.

  • If you or your child feels uncomfortable with the tutor, trust your instincts and cancel the sessions.

Safety Advice for Students

As noted above, most tutors are trustworthy and dependable; however, students should take steps to assure their personal safety:

  • Meet in your home with a parent and/or other responsible adult present. Or, meet during the day in an open, public place. Do not meet at the tutor’s home or in a secluded area.

  • If you’re meeting the tutor somewhere, apprise a family member or a friend of the location and when you will return. Be sure to take your cell phone with you.

  • Never allow the tutor to pick you up in his or her car.

  • Talk to the tutor on the phone before your first meeting. Ask lots of questions, and carefully listen to the answers. If you notice inconsistencies, you may wish to hire a different tutor.

  • If at any time you feel worried or frightened during a tutoring session, don’t hesitate to cancel it. Always trust your instincts.

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