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Private Tutoring


Private tutoring is an effective method of instruction for any student who requires homework help, test prep, or other academic support. It’s also a rewarding part-time job for those who hold a degree in an academic subject.  To find a private tutor or to learn more about private tutoring jobs, contact TutoringServices.com.


Private Tutoring—a Great Opportunity for Students and Teachers Alike

Private tutor, private jet, private eye, private practice. There’s something about the word “private” that gives even the most ordinary noun a bit of class—makes it seem exciting, exclusive, fun.  Even a little mysterious. When you see “private” on a door, don’t you want to open it up? And if the word “private” is marked across an envelope you can’t help but think that something marvelous is inside. Add “private” to the word “tutor” and a similar transformation occurs. A certified teacher or a graduate school student becomes a private tutor, an exclusive personal trainer who provides one-on-one individualized instruction—with remarkable results. There’s no doubt about it. Private tutoring is much better than study groups and busy tutoring labs combined. Why? Because through private tutoring, students get the specific assistance they need at the pace that’s best for them—without distractions or interruptions. The only mystery about private tutoring is why more students who struggle with academics don’t get the personal assistance that they need by hiring a private tutor.

Private Tutoring through TutoringServices.com



Private tutors in a variety of academic subjects, including math, science, history, and English, are available through TutoringServices.com, a family owned and operated company that’s dedicated to providing at-home private tutoring, online private tutoring, and private homework help. We offer private tutoring to students of all ages at any level, from kindergarten through college—and beyond.

Private tutors from TutoringServices.com can provide private tutoring in pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, and trigonometry as well as AP math courses. Our private tutors also offer math homework help. Need assistance in chemistry? We can provide you with a private chemistry tutor, too—even if you need private tutoring in AP Chem.

Private tutoring at TutoringServices.com isn’t limited to math and science, however. We also provide private tutoring in all levels of English. We even provide private tutors in AP Language and Composition as well as AP Literature and Composition. Our private tutors can additionally provide personalized academic assistance with many social studies courses, including geography, civics, U.S. History, economics, and AP history courses.

Private Tutoring as Test Prep


Private tutoring through TutoringServices.com is great for those who are prepping for an important exam—whether for school or work. Not only do we offer AP test preparation, but we also offer private tutoring in the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Are you an ESL student? Our private tutors can help you prepare for the TOEFL. Considering graduate school? We offer private tutoring for the GRE as well. And if passing PRAXIS I or PRAXIS II exams is required in your state for teacher certification, consider engaging one of our experienced private tutors. With a private tutor, you’ll review key test material, learn test-taking strategies, and gain the confidence you need to pass.

Attending high school in New York ?  Looking for Science Test Prep?

If you are residing in the state of NY we have several local tutors who can provide private home home tutoring services for Science High School and middle school students and looking for homework help, or mid term or final exam test preparation assistance for any of the subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other Science Test Prep Academic and non-academic subjects and certification exams. View private Science tutors in New York Brooklyn, Nassau counties, who can help you get head in school and provide reliable homework help and study assistance.

If you are looking for any other local home high, middle shcool tutors in New York area of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens click here.


Private Tutoring Jobs


Private tutoring is an excellent opportunity for students and teachers alike.  For students, private tutoring is an effective, stress-free way to improve skills, gain knowledge, and increase classroom performance. Private tutoring is also a wonderful method of test preparation for those who are in school or in the workforce. And if you’re a teacher or college student, private tutoring is the perfect part-time job. As a private tutor, academics enjoy many valuable opportunities. For instance, they gain experience in their field, earn extra income, and have the satisfaction of helping others. Interested in becoming a private tutor? Contact TutoringServices.com today to learn more about private tutoring jobs.

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