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By registering on TutoringServices.COM you agree to participate in the BETA stage user testing, hence any information you upload and register may or may not work as expected.   Hence please take necessary precautions to read the updated Privacy Policy.

Tutoringservices.com is a portal which is currently in the BETA stage.  While in the BETA stage, when registering as a tutor all of the information that you indicate within your tutoring profile is publicly accessible by any one who is searching for tutoring services or your name or any other relevant key phrases that may lead users to your profile on tutoringservices.com regardless if they are registered or not.  Which means if any student or a parent who is trying to obtain your information can do so without being registered as a student. This also means that anything you place in your tutoring profile, such as school transcripts that you upload, resumes or any other information is publically accesisible, therefore please register at your own risk or send us request to remove your tutoring profile.  The only thing we don't show in the profile is the phone number and the email address, if you wish to show your phone number in your tutoring profile, please send us your request to info@tutoringservices.com

Please note that you are responsible for the information you provide to us, including those details that may appear on your account pages. We provide your account with password protection so that this phone number and email data will not be accessible to others, unless you update your profile manually with the phone number and the email address, in which case it will be shown to public users.

Your privacy policy also indicates that:

Tutoringservices.com is fully committed to data security and protecting your email and password privacy. The personal password and email details that you supply upon registration are stored on a secure server and are not accessible to third parties.  



We do not charge our tutors or students any registration fees as oppose to other companies and run this portal absolutely free.  We will continue running this portal free of charge, but register at your own risk.  If you want students contacting you and willing to take the risk of someone else also contacting you as well such as 3rd party agency then feel free to register. Our recommendation is not to upload any information such as resumes/transcripts, other then the basic profile description about your self, this will protect you from spammers trying to contact you.  If you do not wish to share your information and would like your profile to be removed please email info@tutoringservices.com

By registering with Tutoringservices.com you grant us the right to store your details for the purposes of supplying the services that we offer. We would like to impress upon you that the security of your account is also partly your responsibility and you should not share your password or login details with others.  Your password information only protects your account from uploading and downloading documents or in anyway modifying your profile, however having your password set doesn't mean that other public users can not view the information that is uploaded within your profile.

How we use your information:

We store your information only to facilitate the provision of our services to you and so that we can contact you if necessary regarding your account.

Your residential and geographical details are used to aid the process of connecting you with the tutor of your choice. We also take note of your location so that we can offer services and information that are directly relevant to your state or country of residence.

We only store data regarding registered clients. Should you wish to de-register, all your personal details will be deleted upon request. We retain the right to store your contact details thereafter only if exceptional circumstances apply and if the need to contact you remains.

We use your email address to contact you if the need arises and to provide you with relevant news, information and promotional materials. You have the choice of opting out from receiving our updates and circulars if you wish. Email us at info@tutoringservices.com and we will ensure that your email address is removed from our mailing list.  

Please note that you are responsible for the information you provide to us, including those details that may appear on your account pages. We provide your account with password protection not accessible to anyone else. 

Tutoringservices.com is a platform for connecting students with tutors and providing students with a choice. The choice of tutor, and the assessment of which provider can best fulfil your educational requirements, is the responsibility of the student or his/her parent or guardian.

Though we are unable to run background checks on tutors, they are encouraged to list full, and preferably verifiable, evidence of their qualifications and experience, as well as testimonials. Because our tutors represent themselves, liability for problems arising in tutor-student interactions are the responsibility of those parties. However, we do monitor all transactions and take all possible steps to maintain top standards of quality control in all operating areas.


In the unlikely event of encountering a problem, or if you have any questions about data security and privacy, please contact us at info@tutoringservices.com and we will attend to the matter.

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