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Online Math Tutor

Mathematics is considered the most feared subject in school, in different levels, and especially in exams. It causes sleepless nights and anxieties in most students and the sad thing is that many are not confident in teaching Math. Even parents who may have the desire to provide help are not certain that they have the ability to mentor their children about Math. Some of the most dreaded sub areas of Mathematics are as follows: algebra, probability, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and calculus. Students need to develop competencies in problem-solving and data analysis.

So most of the students or parents turn to tutoring services where the academic needs of the students are matched with the knowledge and competencies of the math tutors.

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LearnOK experts will provide you with professional homework help in time.

The good news is that we have the best tutoring services that can provide students and other individuals with competent and friendly Math tutors. Our tutoring program is unique from other websites because it does not only teach students and individuals but the commitment goes beyond teaching Math. We have the best and most skilled online math tutors that are willing to attend to all your needs in learning Math.

We have developed unique tutoring system following five steps: first, we shall measure the level of the knowledge in Math of the student through a pre-assessment test; second, the results of the pre-assessment will be discussed with the parents and to develop the best tutoring service; third, individualized tutoring plan; fourth is the one-on-one tutoring sessions and post assessment tests; and fifth, is the final assessment test to check if the tutoring goals.

For early learners, children need to learn the basic math concepts as the groundwork for a future understanding and appreciation of mathematics. Children in elementary level should learn to master their number facts and develop numerical fluency, solve mathematical problems. Middle school students will be trained to master computation and problem solving with rational numbers and algebra. High school students will be trained to master algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability as their preparation for standardized exams such as SAT and ACT.

You can select the type of tutoring you feel will fit your learning style and be comfortable about it. Students can even enjoy learning through online while they are being managed by our best online math tutors. We work with the principle that learning math, although challenging, should be interesting and fun. You can choose among online, home or individualized math tutoring.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help best your children in learning and understand math as a subject.

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