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Find a Tutor

Get your First Lesson for only $15 Find out how hereWant Math Tutor? check out your study options here..

Our Private educational company provides match making for students who need help in math including, geometry, calculus, algebra, English, reading and writing, sciences,  physics, chemistry, essay writing help and many other academic subjects.


Best Private Lessons and Homework Help in Fairfield and Westchester County

We offer Homework help and online tutors who can help you learn valuable math | science or english or prepare for your midterm or final exam.   We are the only free portal that provides students with affordable private tutors in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Westport CT in the convinience of their own home.

Private Math Teachers in Geometry | English or Math in CT and NY

Need to find a tutor?  Simply search through our geographic map, select city and academic subject, you need help with and select from the list of professional educators.  We offer Private Lessons in Geometry, Reading and Writing in Westchester and Fairfield Counties in NY and CT.                 

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Tutor Registration

Be a Tutor

Interested in advertising your teaching profile on our educational portal?  Do you have the professional expertise to become highly qualified tutor in Geometry, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Reading and Writing or help students with college essay? We also help local learning centers and tutoring agencies advertise their services on our directory portal.

Benefits of Registering on www.TutoringServices.com

Ths is the only site out of all the tutoring sites that will let you register for FREE and advertise your profile absolutely FREE, no Recurring Tutoring Comission Fees involved. 

Any one in USA can register FREE, priority will be given to tutors who register with .edu based email addresses.

Addtional Teaching Jobs Opportunities only for CT | NY | NJ Tutors

Already Registered on this site?  Not getting student leads?  Remember when things are FREE you get what you paid for. Which is why we created Agency based business structure for tutors who want to increase student leads, and ok with tutoring agency recurring comission fee.  Tutoring Services, LLC CallMyTutor sector of our business is enrolling local tutors in CT and NY, NJ Bergen county..

How do I take advantage of additional tutoring opportunities in CT NY and NJ?

Register Free as a home or online tutor if you live in Bergen County NJ, New Haven, Westchester or Fairfield County and increase your student leads, increase your academic income and make part time cash tutoring students in k-12 or college level.  This opportunity is only applicable if you live in NJ, CT or NY in the 4 counties mentioned.   This opportunity is great if you can teach science, math, reading writing, english or math subjects.


Be your own Boss, declare your own hourly rate and be advertised on our local tutoring network of sites, increase your clients, operate independently, stay in charge of your schedule, availability and travel around CT and NY helping students succeed accademically or even in subjects such as music, dance etc.  We do the marketing you do the work, for helping tutors get marketed we charge comission fee, Registration is FREE.  Visit our site for more info.   For more info visit our Tutoring Jobs page.


Teach Private Home Lessons Online Or in Person & get Paid $$$

If you are a teacher and want to help other student teachers or educators to become certified Praxis 2 Teacher then register today. We specialize in helping educators by giving them online or in person teaching jobs and help college, middle school and high school students do well in school. 

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Featured Tutor

Andrew Ciccaroni
I have been teaching for over 10 years on the middle and high school level primarily in mathematics. I currently am employed in a Brooklyn NEw York High School teaching Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II/ Trig. I work with both an honors class as well as a special needs class. I have previously worked as a resource room teacher and have used various techniques in helping the student understand the content area. I am currently being trained in the IB mathematics diploma program.


Tutors Needed!

Private Westchester County and Fairfield County Home Tutors Needed Our educational agency in Fairfield County CT and Westchester county NY focuses on study guides, homework help and test prep for students who need help from teachers instructors and professors, in Math, Sciences and English.  We are in need of private professional educators who can list themselves on our portal and offer private home teaching help in the state of CT or NY or any other states. Take control of your own schedule with flexible private teaching jobs in math and sciences. Our subject matter experts can register and offer Trial Session to students and show up higher in ...
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Student Leads
Announcement Board
Email our students directly! Click on the envelope for more info.
Date State County Category Subjects Email
Oct 26 IN Dearborn Computer Science Programming
Jul 23 AZ Graham
ex. Prefer only experienced tutors with 3 years
Feb 22 CO Adams Business Study
Dec 04 CT Fairfield Math Geometry
need help in geomtry
Dec 04 CT Fairfield Math Algebra
Looking for a math tutor in Algebra near Danbury CT area, test.
Feb 26 CT Fairfield Science Anatomy
need help in science
Sep 26 GA Whitfield English Research papers
Choose two of the following Theorists to research. Write a 2 to 3 page Essay on their theory. What is your opinion? (You should include both theorist in the 2 to 3 page essay, be sure to write your opinion of each theorist) 1. Sigmund Freud 2. Erik Erikson 3. Jean Jacque Piaget 4. Lev Vygotsky 5. Urie Bronfenbrenner 6. Howard Gardner 7. Arnold Gesell I chose Freud and Erikson.
Apr 01 CO Boulder Foreign Languages Hebrew
Mar 26 CT Fairfield Creative & Performance Arts
this is test
Mar 20 AK Aleutians East Foreign Languages fdasfafasfasfadfsa
Sep 22 CT Fairfield Math Algebra, Basic Math
No additional info available
May 28 NJ Hudson Math Geometry
May 28 NJ Hudson Computer Science Operating System
test assignment 2
May 28 NJ Hudson Business Study Business Law
test assignment...
Mar 07 TN Putnam Math Algebra
I am wanting a tutor that will actually explain to me step-by-step how to do the topics I'm on. I am really trying to get my Algebra grade up and so far, I'm not being as successful as I'd like. The last 9 weeks of school is coming up, and my final math grade is my road block that decides if I get to move forward to the 10th grade. I'd really like for any possible help ASAP. I really need it!
Jan 14 AL Autauga Math Trigonometry
Jan 09 NE Adams Computer Science Operating System
No additional info available
Jan 04 CT Fairfield Science Physics
I am looking for a tutor for a high school female student who is attending AP Physics class, student can be taught either in Trumbull or in Wallingford please send response before 1/5/2012. You must know your subject knowledge and must be an expert in physics preferably teacher certified. Thank You.
Jan 04 CT New Haven Science Physics
I need a tutor in either Trumbull or Wallinford CT for a student who needs help in High school physics, note this is an AP physics hence you must know your subject knowledge. Send email response if interested by no later then 1/5/2012
Dec 05 NY Westchester English College essays, Reading Skills, Writing Skills
I am looking for a fresh college graduate home tutor who can teach a student who goes to Art school English Language Essay Writing. English is a second language for this student. Student first native language is Russian. Preferred Tutor is someone who can do home tutoring in Scarsdale City Westchester county, but can also do online tutoring preferably. Please submit your hourly rate for home and online tutoring.
Nov 09 AZ Coconino English english math
No additional info available
Sep 05 CT New Haven Science Biology
I need help in Advanced Biology College Level.
Sep 01 CA San Bernardino Math Statistics
1.Chittenden County Health Department reported 17 new cases of Lyme disease in the first half of 1994 and 18 additional cases during the second half of the year. The population of the county was 204,500 at the beginning of the year and 215,000 at the end of the year. What was the incidence rate of Lyme disease in Chittenden County in 1994? What type of incidence rate is this?
Aug 29 TX Taylor Math all
May 10 MI Oakland Math Statistics
Need help with statistics class (Graduate level).
Feb 12 CO El Paso Math Business Math, Statistics
Please see case study.
Feb 02 AL Autauga Business Study Business Administration
test assignment
Jan 16 GA Lowndes Math Basic Math
No additional info available
Dec 19 CA Fresno Math Algebra
In homestudies &Need someone to come and help me on algebra -sophmore
Dec 01 NY Suffolk Math Math
College freshman math
Oct 28 MI Ottawa English Writing Skills
No additional info available
Sep 27 CT Fairfield Science Biology
I am looking for Biology tutor somewhere close to Greenwich, CT. Please contact me as soon as possible.
Mar 01 MI Saint Clair Math math,science,social studies,Ela,Sdr
really hard i struggle in math
Feb 13 TX Zapata Math Algebra
No additional info available
Jan 07 MD Montgomery Math Algebra
No additional info available
Nov 23 NC Wake Math Statistics
Suppose that for a given computer salesperson, the probability distribution of x = the number of systems sold in one month is given by the following table. x 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 p(x) .06 .10 .11 .30 .30 .11 .01 .01 (a) Find the mean value of x (the mean number of systems sold). Mean = 4.1 (b) Find the variance and standard deviation of x. (Round the answers to four decimal places.) Variance = 2.03 Standard deviation = 1.4248 (c) What is the probability that the number of systems sold is within 1 standard deviation of its mean value? P (μ - σ < x < μ + σ ) = ? (d) What is the probability that the number of systems sold is more than 2 standard deviations from the mean? P ( x < μ - 2σ or x > μ + 2σ) = ?
Nov 09 CA Solano Speech Disability
No additional info available
Oct 07 DE New Castle Science Chemistry
No additional info available
Oct 04 IN Brown Test Prep SAT
No additional info available
Oct 04 IN Brown Math Trigonometry
tricky problems
Sep 16 TX Fort Bend Science Physics
No additional info available

Get Homework Help Online

Homework Help is Tutoring Services personalized program to get help in homework for your child. Our teachers are all experienced classroom teachers who know how to help students in their homework. We create an effective online tutoring environment accessible to educators, teachers, tutors, parents, and students to get help in homework online.

Homework Help


Tutoring services

What type of Services does our company offer

  1. FREE Tutor Profile Advertisement for Tutors on www.TutoringServices.com
  2. Students can search and contact local or online tutors FREE of charge on www.TutoringServices.com
  3. Online Tutoring over Whiteboard for students studying Math + Science + English + Computer Subjects
  4. Test Prep Study Guides for Educators
  5. Solutions for Schools ranging from School Ratings, and custom web development
  6. Study guides and e-courses for k-12 & college students.
  7. Study guides for Law, Accounting, Medical, Nursing, Project Management, Military fields
  8. Advertisement help for local learning centers or tutoring agencies
  9. EDU Marketing solutions for online test prep companies & local test prep companies
  10. Solutions for Independent non-agency managed tutors and agency managed tutors
  11. Our google plus page Go here to learn more.


What type of Tutoring Services does our company offer?

  1. No Custom Match and No Phone support, where parent is on their own searching for tutors. (no agency recurring commission fee applies)
  2. Custom Match + Pre-Screening + Phone support where we help parents get matched with the right tutors.  (agency recurring commission fee applies)

Both have it's own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the advantage of Type 1 Tutoring Service?

Advantage of type 1.  Well obviously no Agency Recurring commission fee, there are one time $15 Trial fee for tutors who declare $15 trial to get tutor's contact info, other then that there is no recurring commission fees.

What is the advantage of Type 2 Tutoring Service?

Advantage of type 2.  There is agency commission recurring fee included in the price of tutor's hourly rate, however we help parents find the right tutor locally or online or both for variety types of use cases, as well as pre-screen our tutors, and allow flexibility for tutor and student to meet face to face before engaging into tutoring assignment.

Type 2 option is the best for CT and NY residing in 3 counties of Fairfield, Westchester, New Haven Parents/Students and Guardians, simply because it's more safer and much better quality match making service, where parents and guardians can work directly with the agency to find the right tutor within their budget for variety types of subjects and grade levels.

Plus there is agency phone support all that is done through our Tutoring Services, LLC company sub-division named CallMyTutor.  This sub-division focuses only in CT and NY and Online type of tutor match making.  If interested in this option visit this page.

For Educators and Teachers

 Prepare for your teaching certification test with the help of our instructors who are ready to teach future teachers, and students of all ages. We specialize in Praxis 2, MTEL, FTCE, NES, MTTC and other teaching cert exams. We have variety of study guides specifically designed for students who are struggling in their teaching certification studies. Best way to prepare is to use both, study guide and a tutor. "View Our collection of self guided test prep materials"

Online Tutoring Services + Custom Integration + Math + Test Prep Web Development Solutions

For Schools, Colleges and Universtiies

Looking to get help Online? We offer online math tutoring services for high school, middle school, elementary students and adults.   We also help schools create and integrate custom whiteboard + video conferencing + math integration solutions helping schools, colleges and universities create learning platforms that is flexible for them.  View our Online Tutoring Section for more detail about the type of online tutoring  and custom integration services we offer for schools colleges and universities..

Alternative to Private Home Tutoring with the help of our Online Study Guides

Start preparing for your Math midterm and final tests with the help of our study guides. We focus on Algebra, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English academic subjects. Variety of study guides available in the form of online tutors, cheaper then the actual home subject matter experts or self guided courses, in the form of ebooks, flash cards and other prep material that can help students prepare efficiently. Get help from teachers and online tutors at the convenience of your own home via Skype or in person through home tutoring sessions. Our subject matter experts offer discounts and trial sessions for students who are low on budget.

College Essay Paper Test Prep for University/School Students

Our company also specializes in college essay prep for students who are in the process of completing their term paper and need assistance in reviewing and preparing their paper. Our instructors are college professional experts and have years of writing experience. We have variety of Academic Essay prep experts who can not only help you write academic paper, but help you get into college or university.

We help Environment Stay Green helping College Students Make Money Reusing Academic Books!

We also offer affordable textbooks for college students. With our green approach, we help college students save more money by helping students buying university books from the cheapest bookstores at a fraction of the cost of buying them at their original prices without the need for a middle man or any shipping fees, or alternatively helping students listing their book on our website online in their school for sale and selling them directly to other students on campus. Students alternatively can also rent books instead of buying books and save even more money. We are all about making education affordable and different from other tutoring companies who only care about match making students with tutors and not so much about affordability of education or environment.  

School Ratings and Teacher Reviews | How good is your child's school rated?

How well is your school or your teacher rated? Would you like to find out? Our company specializes in not only local, online tutoring, study guides, college essays and books, but also in school, college or university ratings, offering parents information that they should all know prior to sending their children to learn academic subjects. Our teachers are organized and rated by departments. School administrators, Training Centers, Colleges and Universities list their school on our site and other students rate these schools, teachers, instructors, professors for other students to see. 

We also provide local Science  home Tutoring Services, for NJ Bergen County

 View our local home physics tutors in Bergen county from Hackensack NJ.

We also have college experts in CT who can provide reliable Tutoring Services for College Essay writing help

View professional admission entrance  tutors specializing in College Essay Writing Help in the state of Connecticut. 


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