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By registering as a tutor with TutoringServices.com you undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions of use:

1.    Tutors undertake to offer a professional service conforming to the highest possible standards of education and personal    conduct.
2.    Tutors are bound to respect the privacy of students and undertake to ensure the security of their personal data.
3.    Tutors are obliged to advertise their services, qualifications and experience accurately and honestly, providing verifiable evidence where possible.
4.    Tutors must be over 18 and may not enter into legal contracts with students under 18 without the written consent of parents or guardians of minors.
5.    Tutors are responsible for the content of courses and resources they employ as educational aids and undertake to ensure that this conforms to quality standards.
6.    Tutors are obliged to ensure that their course content and teaching methods will not be prejudicial to any third party and do not include offensive content of any kind.
7.    Tutors agree to monitoring of their services by Tutoringservices.com as appropriate.
8.    Tutors are fully responsible for setting rates of remuneration and reaching mutually acceptable methods of payment with students.
9.    Tutoringservices.com is not responsible for mediating in any disputes that may arise in the contractual relationship between tutor and student (or parent/guardian).
10.    Tutors are bound by the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Tutoringservices.com website.

By registering with Tutoringservices.com you undertake to abide by the following terms and conditions of use:

1.    Use of and registration with Tutoringservices.com is confined to bona fide students and tutors and may not be used for any other purpose, including commercial uses.
2.    Users may not post content that is false, libelous, offensive or otherwise injurious or damaging to any party associated with Tutoringservices.com, including staff, tutors and other students.
3.    The responsibility for choosing a tutor from the Tutoringservices.com database, and any consequences arising from that choice, lies with the users. In this respect, the role of Tutoringservices.com is to facilitate and provide information and accessibility of tutoring assistance.
4.    Users under the age of 18 may not enter into legal contracts with tutors. Minors require the assistance of a parent, guardian or other appropriate adult.
5.    Negotiating tutoring terms and the scope of tutoring assistance is the sole responsibility of the parties involved (tutor and student or parent/guardian).
6.    Tutoring Services, LLC is not responsible for vetting or verifying the academic or personal credentials of tutors.
7.    Course content (where applicable) is the responsibility of tutors and materials developers.
8.    Tutoring Services, LLC does not set or process recurring commission payment for any tutors registered on this site, other than charging parent $15. Rates and methods of remuneration must be negotiated by the contracting parties (tutor and student or parent/guardian).
9.    While Tutoring Services, LLC makes every effort to maintain security, it is not liable for any harm caused by viruses, worms introduced to the site by third parties.
10.    Users may not export information from the Tutoringservices.com website for any purpose other than personal, educational use.
11.    Users agree to the secure storage by Tutoringservices.com of any personal information contained in their profile and personal account, however in case of security breech, our company would not be liable if your Tutoring Profile or Student profile gets hacked, therefore do not share any information that you wouldn't want it to be seen publicly (want more privacy? hire agency managed tutors or become agency managed tutor).
12.    User accounts are not transferable and users are responsible for maintaining the security of their account (by protecting passwords and limiting access by other parties).
13.     TutoringServices.com retains the right to suspend the account and access of any person who transgresses the terms and conditions of use.
14.    Registrants grant TutoringServices.com the right to contact them if circumstances dictate.

15. Your profile can be removed from our site for any reason, which we believe would violate our terms and conditions. 16. By registering as a tutor you are a non agency managed tutor working as an independent contractor not affiliate with Tutoring Services, LLC You are simply advertising your profile. We do not send you to students homes or help you administer your time sheets or any of that or send you payment every 2 weeks, neither do we do any type of additional marketing unless purchased separately. This is what other companies do who offer agency managed tutoring services do. By registering on this site you are registering as a non agency managed tutor.

For Students

1. Do not attempt to exchange personal contact information without first paying for $15 Trial lesson.

2. If you see any tutor who is trying to reveal in any way shape or form personal contact information in their profile, report that tutor to us. This can be a scammer, in which case we would, investigate and see if tutor can be suspended, deleted or banned.

3. Do not assume that every tutor is verified for background check. That is not the case. If you want someone verified, when you are hiring them you can do so, by requesting additional background check, where we would share tutor personal contact info with you after you pay $15 and you would run background check on that tutor before tutor arrives to your home to provide a lesson.

4. You can communicate and discuss assignment information, scheduling and availability before purchasing $15 Trial Lesson

5. It's up to you to verify tutor to see if they are criminal or not. We will not do that for you for FREE. If you want us to verify tutor for you, you would have to pay extra or hire our agency managed tutors whose profiles through our parallel business model, where we verify our agency managed tutors for criminal background and provide higher quality tutoring match and higher quality tutors in majority of the cases in comparison to non agency managed tutors. For more info about about agency managed tutors visit plus.google.com/+TutoringServices

4. Prior to getting a tutor you must express your request that you want to get a tutor to our agent based on the $15 process trial that we described here http://www.tutoringservices.com/student-trial-15-info/slider/slider_1.html This way you can pay our agent $15 to collect payment and get tutor's contact info. Requesting personal contact info directly from tutor, without going through our agent first, violates our terms and conditions, and we have the right to intercept your message or not have it delivered and also have the right to remove your student profile or block your request. Communicating your need through the agent first based on the process is done for your safety, if you circumvent that you are taking higher risk. $15 is not worth the risk, especially if you do not pay recurring agency fees and even getting first lesson for only $15 something that some of our tutors agree to in their profiles.

5. Our company Tutoring Services, LLC would is not to be held responsible for any mis-conduct done by tutor or student or parent. You are taking your own risk when hiring someone direct. Risk of safety and risk of getting lower quality tutor in comparison to agency managed tutor as described here for math tutors http://www.tutoringservices.com/student-trial-15-info/math/for_students_looking_for_math.html (but similar concept applies for any other subject tutors) in exchange for affordability.

6.If you under any circumstance concerned of safety, or tutor quality or accountability, and are not willing to minimize that risk of doing your own verification, then we do not recommend hiring non-agency managed tutor and instead recommend paying more and paying recurring agency fee and hiring agency managed tutor, to get better quality match and more likely higher quality and trusted tutor. For more info about trusted tutors visit http://plus.google.com/+TutoringServices
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