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Article:  5 Proud Alternatives to Going to College
Not everyone wants to go and finish college. There are various reasons why they do. For one, the cost of attending college is increasing every year. For those who have to shoulder the financial burden along with their other personal reasons, they may want to consider alternatives to going to college. Although it is important to have a college degree nowadays, there are other ways for you to be successful in your chosen field and to thrive. You can definitely lead a happy and fulfilled life without attending college and earn good income. Here are some of the best alternatives to going to college:
Become an entrepreneur.
Many of the world’s billionaires and innovators like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson to name a few did not finish college. This only goes to show that having a college degree can help you get a good job but there are other ways to succeed. Being an entrepreneur offers a lot of challenges but it can also offer high rewards. If you have a creative or innovative idea and you are bold to take the risk, you can definitely embark on entrepreneurship. Starting and having a business is definitely not easy. You may succeed or you may fail but with continuous learning and growth, you can definitely arrive and get the success formula in the long run. 
Enlist in the military.
Another great alternative is to enlist in the military. If you are looking for a good option that can offer you job security and other viable opportunities, going for the military is one a good career move. Not only do you get the chance to serve your country, you can also have other opportunities. The starting salary for an enlisted military personnel is quite low. At the least, it can cover you basic living costs. As you gain experience and invest in human capital, you can definitely get a better position in the military. In addition, if you are into adventure, you can also pursue this career choice. 
Attend a vocational school or become a tradesman.
If you do not want to enlist in the military, attending a vocational school or working as a tradesman would be a good choice. When you possess certain skills, you can definitely set a solid career path. There are various options that can lead to satisfying and long term career. Jobs that fall under this category would include: plumbing, electrician, welding, masonry, metal work and a whole lot more. In pursuing this career option, you can either learn as an apprentice or attend a vocational school. While you are in school, you can start earning money and eventually, find a job where you can earn steady income and have job security. For instance, if you work as an electrician, you can apply for a power company and you can climb your way up to the ranks. It may take time and hard work but as you work your way up to the corporate ladder, you get to have high income and get a stable job.
Apply for an entry level job.
There are companies who accept applicants who accept high school graduates. For instance, you can apply for an entry level position. Search for jobs in the retail or service industry. These are the industries where there a lot of opportunities for high school graduates. Starting in a basic position may not give you that much in terms of salary and benefits as these positions mainly offer minimum wage. However, if you do well, you can definitely climb the corporate ladder. Once you gain experience and skill, you can gain experience and become a manager. For example if you are in the retail industry, you can become a retail manager.
Work as a volunteer.
Many students after graduating from high school are still undecided and evaluating as to which direction they want to take. If you happen to be in that phase, you might want to consider being a volunteer. This gives you ample time to think and explore other possible options or opportunities. There are different volunteering programs that you might want to try like the Peace Corps or the Americorps. By working as a volunteer, you get the chance to travel to other countries and to find your purpose. You can have enough time to decide what you really want to do next. 
Choosing whether or not to attend college or to take another career option is never easy. You really have to consider various factors and weigh your decisions. At the end, you can only decide for yourself as to which path you want to choose. With these great alternatives, you can definitely get the chance to still be able to achieve your dreams and to live your passion.   
About the author:
Cindy Bates is an experienced writer and educator at BestEssayTips.  She has written for different online publications, where she shares her experience and knowledge. Her main focus is covering a variety of topics in education niche.


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