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All students deserve access to affordable tuition when they need it. Education is the key to the success of society and one of the most important aspect of our lives. Students should have choices that will help them achieve their fullest potentials without limitations. These are some of the principles enclosed within our vision of an educational services portal.

Too many students drop out from schools because of the challenges they face and difficulties they have in obtaining the most appropriate help and tutorial services they need. The social and individual cost is huge. Education is not only essential in functioning properly as a member of the society and our communities, but also an important factor in fulfilling ourselves and realizing our dreams for our benefit and of our families.

The internet offers huge possibilities for provision of educational resources, from online tutoring to homework help. Tutoring can help place initiate self-improvement within everyone’s reach. Unfortunately, some companies offer tutoring service with a high price tag. Getting quality educational services is not a matter of paying more to get more. Using tutoring online is a great way to cut costs by utilizing the expertise of an affordable yet professional tutoring help.

We make efforts to facilitate the process of learning. It is our top priority to aid students in finding the perfect tutor who will provide them with the quality educational assistance they need to excel further in their academic lives. With online tutoring or face-to-face teaching, students can benefit greatly from skilled tutors who can provide assistance with regards test preparation and homework help.

While designing our portal, we had a variety of questions in mind. What are the challenges facing students today? What information do students need? What are the possible solutions? How can we help in providing those solutions and relaying vital information? Our portal is our response tho these common questions and our start towards a better future ahead.

Before going live with our beta site, we spent a long time researching the diverse educational needs of students and analyzing and debating the best ways to deliver services. We offer a solution for students who may be struggling with their subject and need help to negotiate the obstacles in order to get up to speed. Our tutors can also help if you’re almost there and just need to polish your skills and knowledge, perhaps as test preparation. The site is a one-stop shop that aims to provide any learner with information and resources to find a tutor in their subject area. We will be continually adding to the features on our site and expanding our services.

Our portal is not just for students. It also serves as a hub for tutors and we’ve incorporated tools and online tutoring features designed for them as well, to help tutors to do their job as effectively as possible. We don’t charge a fee for tutors to post details of their services (neither do we charge students to register in order to find a tutor and access the information that our site offers).

Tutoring Services portal designed to provide the answers to your questions and problems. Our attention is on you and your needs. We’d like to hear your feedback and your ideas for content and features that will help us improve our portal and the tutoring services we can offer you.

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