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  syed s.
State: MI
Desired Rate: $15 (Per Hr)
Teaching Location: Milford, Livingston, Michigan, 48380
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 Trial Tutoring Session: $15
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Personal Statement: A faly of teachers, writers and performers underlie the skills, interest and energy to become an acadec citizen. Grandmother, who was blind, used a boxful of plastic letters and taught me to read. Grandfather was a writer and a teacher of language and religion, and he loved to give speeches in public. Mother taught music and played piano professionally. Being a professor of mathematics combines all of these. And yes, mathematics is musical. It has rhythm, melodies, themes and variations, color, depth, brilliance, and harmony that everyone can discover. · Teaching More than anything else, mathematics, and learning in general, should matter to students. My teaching philosophy is very simple: raise the bar of expectations, treat students with kindness and humor, help students confront their fears, and teach them to know and love the subject matter. At its best, a mathematics class is enhanced by every emotion—except ego. Teaching mathematics requires one of the most difficult efforts on the part of a human being: sacrificing self to idea. Students fail, not because too much is expected of them, but because we expect too little. Gradually raising expectations will encourage the students to attain the heights of which they are all capable. Find out where the students are, relative to the course goals, and bring them along from that point. Challenge students by raising expectations, because they must think, use their heads, and not just parrot back facts. Students also fail because they are afraid. I failed my Ph.D. exams the first time because of fear, not ignorance. On the retest, one professor began the exam with a straightforward question. I answered it and knew, right then, that I was a mathematician. This man handed me a life, and he provided a valuable lesson: treat students with kindness, and they will do great things. When you genuinely care about students and take extra steps with them, their responses will be gratifying. To help students confront their fears is to help them remove barriers to learning. Many students are afraid of mathematics, and my goal is to help students understand the source of this fear. Once they are no longer afraid, they can then enjoy mathematics. When students hear about battles with hard problems in my own research, they see that they are not alone in their mathematical struggles. Students love to hear stories about mathematicians and episodes from the history of mathematics, and as a result, they change their nds about mathematics being devoid of humanity. In a classroom there are two types of students, the captivated and the captive. Those who are captivated by the subject will go as far as time allows, and eventually they become colleagues. Find them interesting and challenging projects and then jump out of the way. I have had the chance to do this for many wonderful and multitalented students such as: Victoria Kerewich, a banker and horticulturalist; Jeff Klanderman, an actuary and pilot; Carla Moravitz, a business consultant and mathematician; Ashley White, an engineer and concert violinist; and three exceptionally talented students to be mentioned later.
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Teaching Subjects Detail :
Category Subject Grade/Skill Level Experience
Math Algebra High School 3 Yr(s)
Math Geometry High School 3 Yr(s)
Math PreCalculus High School 3 Yr(s)
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