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  Cesar F.
State: FL
Desired Rate: $40 (Per Hr)
Teaching Location: Hollywood, Broward, Florida, 33021
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 Trial Tutoring Session: Not Available
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Availability :
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Personal Statement: I earned a Master of Science in Economics from FAU. I also earned a B.A. in Economics, a B.S. in Statistics, a minor in Mathematics, and a certificate in Latin American & Caribbean Studies from FIU. I started Around the Clock Tutoring in January * with the vision of being there for students when they need it most. I started in the industry of higher education in College as a Mathematics, Statistics, and Spanish tutor in August of *. I then worked as a Mathematics & Statistics tutor in the Mathematics laboratory at Barry University after graduating from FIU in May *. I started teaching an Intro to Statistics Supplementary Instruction Lab at Barry University in Fall * and then College Preparatory Mathematics in Fall *. Over the last years, I have tutored numerous students in diverse courses from several colleges & universities in the South orida area. It is my belief that with the proper study skills and guidance you can also become the next success story.
Other Information : -
Teaching Subjects Detail :
Category Subject Grade/Skill Level Experience
Math Calculus High School, College 11 Yr(s)
Math Statistics High School, College 9 Yr(s)
Business Study Macroeconomics College 10 Yr(s)
Business Study Microeconomics College 10 Yr(s)
Business Study International Trade College 8 Yr(s)
Education Details :
Institution College/ University Degree & Subjects Year Diploma
1 Florida Atlantic University M.S. in Economics 2015
2 Florida International University B.S. in Statistics, B.A. in Economics, Minor in Mathematics 2011
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