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Tutor's Profile
  Faith P.
State: AL
Desired Rate: $40 (Per Hr)
Teaching Location: Bessemer, Jefferson, Alabama, 35022
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 Trial Tutoring Session: $15
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Availability :
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Personal Statement: My mission is to make l students successful in whatever they have set their mind to do. I am here to support their learning, answer their questions and be the best tutor for them. My approach to tutoring is that of a mentor. The role of a mentor is much closer than that of a tutor. A mentor has the capacity to guide and shape l aspects of students' life. It is because of this, that I take my role so seriously.
Other Information : -
Teaching Subjects Detail :
Category Subject Grade/Skill Level Experience
Math Statistics High School, College 14 Yr(s)
Math Algebra Middle School, High School, College 14 Yr(s)
Math PreCalculus High School 14 Yr(s)
Education Details :
Institution College/ University Degree & Subjects Year Diploma
1 University of Alabama BS in Mathematics 1991
2 University of Alabama at Birmingham MS in Teaching Math 2002
Other Education :
Qualification Description Certificates
1 Certified in secondary mathematics in Alabama since 1993.
2 SQL Database Administrator since 2010. Highly qualified in delivering professional development to teachers since 2006. Certified online teacher since 2008.
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